Senior Product Manager - Store / E-Commerce

At Jimdo, our mission is to help small businesses start, grow, and ultimately thrive online. Small businesses face new challenges with very little support or recognition. We know how hard this can be, because we have been in their position. That’s where you can help us—by designing intuitive tools to help small businesses solve complex problems.

With a forward-leaning and self-driven attitude, we continue to find new ways to help our customers get their ideas out into the world. As a team, we run at a steady pace to achieve what we aim for. We learn best by gathering data, trying new things, and sometimes even falling down along the way. It’s the lessons we learn in the process that make us better problem-solvers for small business owners.

If you’re motivated by our mission and excited to roll up your sleeves, try new things, learn from mistakes, and make a difference to small businesses around the world, we would love to work with you.

The Team

The Product team at Jimdo is looking for an ambitious Senior Product Manager to join us on our mission to empower individuals and small businesses to sell their products online. As a Senior Product Manager for the Store at Jimdo, you create the strategy for our e-commerce solution and describe where you want to be with the product in 3-5 years. Our goal is to enable every small business to start selling online. Help the customer to focus on what matters most: Their product and their business.


  • Build solutions to help customers on every stage of their value chain – from logistics to operations to marketing to sales and service. You build a holistic e-commerce solution.
  • Acquire a deep understanding of our customers needs, our products and the market we’re in.
  • Identify the most valuable opportunities to sustain our current business and opportunities for future growth, while constantly focusing on delivering the right functionality to your customers.
  • Define a compelling strategy and create a feasible yet ambitious roadmap
  • Communicate with executive team on the current and future state of your projects
  • Communicate effectively and advocate strongly for your product to customers, stakeholders, managers, and engineering teams.
  • Collaborate closely with skilled engineers and stakeholders across the organization to convert your roadmap into actual products in order to achieve our short- and long-term goals


  • You have 5+ years of experience as a Product Manager / Product Owner for a digital product, ideally in the e-commerce sector.
  • You’ve successfully delivered complex and/or complicated projects to the SaaS market while you had to balance innovation, optimization and maintenance.
  • On the way, you’ve acquired strong lateral leadership and communication skills and collaborated closely with customers, managers, engineers, designers, and stakeholders.
  • You have practice in translating high-level strategy into clear achievable and measurable goals and deliverables.
  • You have practice in judging, arguing and deciding about the design and user experience of a product and have demonstrated the ability to make informed user-centered decisions.


At Jimdo we are ready to start working with new colleagues as soon as possible. Even though we can’t do the onboarding process in the office as we normally would, we will still make sure that you get a thorough online and virtual onboarding, and to help you feel like you are a part of the team from day one.

It is not a limitation if you don’t live in Germany right now. We will invite you to start working with us from your current location for the time being. Once the boarders are reopened and the Embassies accept visa applications again, we will initiate the relocation process to Hamburg. Until then you will be invited to work with us remotely with temporary contract.

Antonino will be happy to receive your application in English or German.