Machine Learning (ML) Engineer

At Jimdo, our mission is to help small businesses start, grow, and ultimately thrive online. Small businesses face new challenges with very little support or recognition. We know how hard this can be, because we have been in their position. That’s where you can help us— by being the visionary Machine Learning Evangelist and Developer in the Core Products organization.

With a forward-leaning and self-driven attitude, we continue to find new ways to help our customers get their ideas out into the world. As a team, we run at a steady pace to achieve what we aim for. We learn best by gathering data, trying new things, and sometimes even falling down along the way. It’s the lessons we learn in the process that make us better problem-solvers for small business owners.

If you’re motivated by our mission and excited to roll up your sleeves, try new things, learn from mistakes, and make a difference to small businesses around the world, we would love to work with you.


We are happy to invite you to work with us in our office in Hamburg or permanently remote from any location where you are permitted to work from. Wherever your working location of choice will be, we will make sure you get proper onboarding (virtual or in person) and that you are fully equipped to become part of the team from day one.

We will support you in case you would like to relocate to Germany.

Who are we looking for

If you love solving complex problems which positively affect small businesses around the globe, this would excite you. We are looking for someone who brings in experience of working with Machine Learning solutions and platforms, who can evangelise the use of existing frameworks but also loves diving in to build models and solutions from scratch. You would be working closely with Product Leaders to define strategy and product direction making ML engineering at the center of data driven decisions.

Few ways in which you’ll impact Core Products organization:

  • Inspire everyone in the company about the potential benefits of ML solutions.
  • Educate the Engineering team about the main risks, benefits, use-cases and challenges of applied ML.
  • Create PoC of ML Algorithms applied to our business, to show and explain the value of such solutions to all potential stakeholders like Product Managers and Heads of Engineering.
  • Organize and run internal workshops about all the fundamentals of ML, including: techniques, frameworks, data gathering and processing, testing datasets, etc.
  • Explain and keep clear to the whole group or Engineers, when to apply ML, when not to use it and what is the reasoning behind the decision.
  • Mentor engineers in the Product teams to have at least one person who understands the basics of ML in each team.
  • Define a strategy for ML and AI education in the company, sharing resources or participating in public or private events on the topic, and promoting the activities across the whole Product and Engineering group.

What we value

  • Understanding the most popular deep learning framework such as TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch, TensorFlow.js, etc. and proficiency with at least one of them
  • Programming experience in Python, R, JS or Java
  • Broad understanding of ML Libraries and existing systems / solutions and ability to propose & execute on collated solutions
  • Ability to deploy a ML algorithm to production to provide business value to the company
  • Understand data structures, data modeling and software architecture
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving skills
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication and problem-solving capabilities
  • Capable of working autonomously and within a team as necessary
  • Able to involve and inspire other people to experiment with ML solutions

Jimdo is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. This means that we don’t discriminate based on race or ethnic origin, color, the language(s) you speak, where you (or your parents) are from, or whether or not you consider yourself to have a disability. Neither will your age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs, or political opinions play a part in your application with us. We’re a diverse team in so many ways, and we love it that way.