Jimdo offers two website creators, which are being used to create and maintain millions of websites every day. As people work on their websites, questions come up. The Zero Effort team is a division within Customer Support that focuses on the process of getting answers and aims to make that effortless.

The Zero Effort team works on all processes for customers to get answers to their questions. This involves the recognition and categorization of customer questions, the editing of Jimdo's knowledge base and implementing self service processes.

To make daily decisions, the team relies heavily on data about how customers use different sources of information. That is where you come in.

We are looking for a support analyst to join the team. In this role you will be responsible for gathering and analyzing data from various systems for all metrics related to reducing effort for both Jimdo users and Jimdo support. In order to help decision making based on the gathered data, you will be asked to present it in actionable forms like dashboards and reports.

The Zero Effort team works in a constantly changing field and we are looking for a flexible mind to keep up with that. As we implement changes, we are looking at you to help us understand the impact of those changes and how they can be optimized. That includes setting up experiments and analyzing the outcomes.

In this role you will have a constant exchange with our systems manager, content manager and flow explorer. They are looking forward to meeting you already :)


  • Identifying, defining and reviewing relevant metrics
  • Gathering and analyzing data from multiple sources
  • Identifying areas of improvement based on data
  • Preparing monthly and quarterly reports
  • Delivering data insights to shape team strategy


  • Experience with Google Analytics, Tableau
  • Knowledge of SQL for data retrieval
  • Focus on automation and simplicity
  • Ability to create reports for high level stakeholders
  • Positive attitude towards problem solving and drive to get things done
  • Strong communication skills
  • Solid spoken and written English

Nice to have

  • Successful with research practices (surveys, A/B testings, etc)
  • Previous experience working in Customer Service, Account Management or Operations
  • Familiar with customer service KPIs
  • Experience working with unstructured data

Amanda will be happy to receive your application. :)